We offer an affordable, hassle-free, high-quality service. Customers are given a clear plan and we deliver exactly what was promised.

  • Wood window frame repairs
  • Siding and drywall repairs
  • Repairs of damaged areas around the windows
  • Repairs of wooden doors
  • Exterior and interior painting

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.

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Since we specialize in wood window restoration, we understand the importance of a well-done job and proper maintenance. That's why we extend our services to include exterior painting. To prepare for a new coat of paint, surfaces are cleaned, scraped, hand sanded. In addition, all cracks are caulked to prevent water leaks.

Even though painting is done to improve the appearance of your home, its primary function is to protect wood from extreme temperatures and humidity. However, the paint is only a temporary shield and requires routine maintenance. Since moisture penetration is one of the main causes of wood decay, we recommend that homeowners inspect their windows at least once a year. Signs of paint deterioration include chalking, blistering,peeling, and cracking. Other reasons for repainting may be color fading or simply a change in taste.

We can also help you with interior painting projects.

How can you benefit from window renovations?

  • Relatively inexpensive repairs allow you to save on home repairs without sacrificing the quality and esthetics. Remember, reconditioning is less expensive than full replacement.
  • Window restoration gives you the ability to repair a single window without having to change the windows of the entire house.
  • Window restoration allows you to repair custom-design window frames which are usually not available through large manufacturers. Many of our customers have unique windows that other companies can't preserve, but can only replace with options the company works with.
  • You can preserve other unique wooden objects.
  • Window restoration provides greater efficiency and reduces unnecessary waste by proliferating the life of the current windows.
  • Window restoration increases the value of your house since the window frames would be of a better quality and would require less maintenance.
  • Our services are environmentally friendly. We save almost the entire window by replacing the damaged piece only.
  • All work is conveniently done at your location. That way you avoid the removal of the window from the frame and avoid damage to the inside trim, walls, and painting.

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